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Williamstown, MA 01267

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About Cindy

With over seventeen years of experience in residential real estate with Alton & Westall handling transactions with both Buyers and Sellers, Cindy brings experience, knowledge, and an understanding of the community and its resources. She is a graduate of UMASS, Amherst with a BS degree in Public Health and Business Administration. Having moved to Williamstown in 1992 with her husband and two children, she became involved with volunteering with the Community Chest, the Schools, the Williams College Faculty Club and with various other committees making wonderful friendships along the way. Cindy formed a stock club and ran it for five years, and currently belongs to a book club. She has a love of the arts, tennis, skiing, hiking and just about anything outdoors. Her involvement with the community and outside activities has given her the expertise to help find the resources to meet your needs.